Palisade Zoysia Grass
Palisade Zoysia

Palisade Zoysia

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Palisade Zoysia Grass by TomorrowTurf is a premium choice for a luxurious and resilient lawn. This high-quality grass variety offers a lush, dense carpet that exudes natural beauty and durability. Palisade Zoysia Grass, renowned for its rich color and exceptional tolerance to varying weather conditions, provides a stunning solution for your outdoor space. Its dense growth pattern creates a soft, inviting surface perfect for leisure and relaxation.

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✔️ Palisade Zoysia requires partial sun (3-4 hours)


✔️ Shade Tolerant

✔️ Drought Tolerant

✔️ Heat Tolerant

✔️ High Density that resembles thick carpet

✔️ Sustainable in high traction areas

Need To Know

▪️ During colder seasons Palisade Zoysia goes into dormancy. Dormant grass is essentially grass going into a hibernation stage. During this time, grass will be brown in color, but is still able to be planted.

▪️ Wide Blade


1 Piece = 16" x 24" (2.67sq ft)